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A collection of inspirational books, a calendar, and audio discs to encourage and uplift you during your times of meditation


CD - Quiet Times and Meditation.

On this disc, Una Davis reads 19 audio tracks, each a few minutes long. Quiet Times is the ministry of well known scriptures verses. Inspirationally written and spoken in poetic language to enhance your daily meditation. My prayer is that you will experience the fullness of God's anointing peace, refreshing, re-vitalising, and reviving you each time you enter his sacred chamber through the ministry of Quiet Times and meditation. Listen to 2 samples  below:
Listen to the audio track 1 - Introduction
Listen to the audio track 2 - Shadows in the Corridors.
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CD - Fulfilling Your Dreams - Women of Destiny

This CD is released for women everywhere to encourage and motivate they who have aborted their dreams because of public opinion.
I want to advise women who have not fulfilled their dreams to know ... "life is not over until it is over"... your life is not over ... stop living as if it is ... far from it ... get up and start living again ... dreams can be fulfilled.
"Everything you want is just outside your comfort Zone" Robert Allen, co-author of The one Minute Millionaire.

You are blessed, be confident ... be diligent ... be motivated ... stop living below your privileges ... grasp the opportunity ... be on your way to achieving what you have always dreamt of. 
Listen to the audio track 1 - Introduction
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CD - Broken But Still Standing


These are troubled times, when the hearts of men and women are failing them for fear. The faith of many have been shaken by recent world events, and personal tragedies. This CD is just one of Pastor Una Davis many sermons she preached, reminding her congregation that amidst the challenges we encountered, and will encounter, we can stand, because God is our Refuge and strength.


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Book -Title - The Pain Of Letting Go
A family struggling to accept the truth.

Preview / Introduction
David had the perfect family, a beautiful wife he adored who was pregnant with their second child, and a wonderful son who he often played football with.
However neither he nor his family were aware of the dark clouds of tragedy that were soon to shatter their lives, leaving them helpless, and in total confusion.

David was summoned from work to be told Rachael was seriously ill, she was rushed to the hospital suffering from serious headaches.
At the hospital she was assessed, and diagnosed to have suffered a ruptured artery...aneurysm.

Overcome with grief, David wept bitterly. He refused to accept his wife's medical prognosis. Holding her hands he prayed for her recovery. He begged her not to die, reminding her of his love for her.

David was caught between the rock and hard place, when he had to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

This is a story of love and tragedy, a cruel twist of fate.

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Press reports below:

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A cutting from the Wiltshire Times. Jan 2011.


Book - Quiet Times

With our busy schedules it is difficult to spend quality time with the Lord.
If we are to become spiritually balanced, it is important that we prioritise our workload.
The success to spiritual growth is to read the words of God, and to meditate on them in devotion.

We need to understand … Inspirational Verses is not a substitute for the Bible, it is meant to inspire you to read the Bible.
So go ahead, be blessed, be inspired, be motivated, and be empowered.
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Calendar - Love In Bloom - 2017

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