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You will never fulfill your dreams unless you first visualise success. If you can see success, you will have already achieved success. Dreams are Godís way of remaining anonymous.

Donít allow past failures to abort your future success. Issue a ďNotice of ClosureĒ to your past. 

Donít allow fear to kill your passion to succeed. Feel fear, but do it anyway. Fear is a part of the process. 

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I donít believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they canít find them, MAKE THEM.
George Bernard Shaw.

We grow through our dreams. All great men and women are dreamers. Some however, allow their dreams to die. You should nurse your dreams, and protect them through bad times and tough times to the sunshine of light which always come.
Woodrow Wilson.

You will never fulfill your dreams without making mistakes. Successful people succeed because they learn from their mistakes. Elbert Hubbard said. ďExperience is the name everyone gives to mistakes.Ē


Everybody needs somebody in their life, but not everybody is that somebody.

Our lives speak for us.


Happiness is not wealth, but an attitude to wealth!

People who live fulfilled lives are people who are not limited in their thinking!

Only do what only you can do!

Donít wait for others to affirm you; you have already been affirmed by the Holy Spirit!

Embrace who you are and create your own fulfillment!

Just remember no matter how many people stand and cheer for something thatís wrong, itís still wrong!

When someoneís happiness is your happiness thatís love!

You will never find fulfillment sitting on the shores of apathy!

Often times we have to retreat so as to advance!

Share your dreams only with dream makers, and not dream crushers!

You will never be successful if those of your inner circle are threatened by success!

Donít worry when people move out of your life, you have outgrown them!

You are created in the image of the Creator, and endowed with creative powers. Stop blaming others for your lack of success!

God doesnít need a reminder, he has already worked it out!

Stop trying to process what has happened to you, proceed, overtake and conquer!

No one, not even the devil can abort you dreams unless you allow it!

Donít live your life to please others, live to please God!

Know what you want from life, and be prepared for opportunities!



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