about me

 Bless you, I am Pastor Una Davis


Pastor Una Davis is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Trowbridge Apostolic Church, Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom.

God has endowed Pastor Una Davis with a dynamic anointing, which has enriched her many ministries.

Pastor Una Davis's calm disposition is one of the many qualities that influences her working successfully with people of all religious persuasion, ethnicity and cultural background.

Una is a second generation Pastor, following in the pastoral ministry of her late mother, who for years was pastor to one of the many Pentecostal Churches in the island of Jamaica in the West Indies, until she was forced to resign her position of leadership because of ill health. However this brave Woman of God remained faithful to her calling, working alongside her successor as advisor and confidant..


Pastor Davis is an eloquent speaker and a powerful anointed woman of God. She is fearless in spiritual warfare.

 She has used the word of God with prayer and fasting to break the stronghold of demonic activities from the lives of many.

Her phenomenal faith in God has accounted for her success, as a mother, grandmother, Pastor, mentor, counselor, advisor and friend.    

Pastor Una Davis is a national and an international speaker. She has preached and taught the Word of God with boldness in many of the Churches throughout the United Kingdom.  She has also visited Florida, and has preached in the Churches in Miami and Fort Lauderdale also in several Churches in Jamaica.

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