We have heard the old statement;

”A day-dreamer.”

Yes, there are people who dream dreams, but they never live their dreams.They speaks of becoming, but they do nothing to become the persons they dreamt of becoming.

Unfulfilled dreams are like feathers being blown about in the wind. No sense of direction, no purpose.

Fulfilled dreams, on the other hand,is God’s declaration of the plans He has for your life, long before you were conceived in your mother’s womb.

Your dreams might not yet be fulfilled, but it shall be fulfilled at the appointed time. Joseph, the Old Testament Patriarch, referred to in the Book of Genesis 37, had to wait 13 years from the time he dreamt of becoming great to the time he achieved greatness.

From the time of the dream to the time of it being fulfilled can be a long time.

You might have only a few more years to live your dream, but self-belief is the key.

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