Article by Ann Landers.

Dear Readers: I am vacation, but have left behind some of my favourite columns from the past.

  1. Remember that a child is a gift from God, the richest of all blessings . Don’t attempt to mould them in the image o yourself, your father, your brother or your neighbour. Each child is an individual and should be permitted to be himself.

  2. Don‘t crush a child’s spirit when he fails, and never compare him with others who outshined him.

  3. Remember that anger and hostility are natural emotions. Help your child to find socially acceptable outlets for these normal feelings or they may be turned inward and erupt in the form of physical, or mental illness.

  4. Discipline your child with firmness and reason. Don’t let your anger throw you off balance. If he knows you are fair, you will not lose his respect, or his love, and make sure the punishment fits the crime. Even the youngest child has a keen sense of justice.

  5. Remember that each child needs two parents.. Present a united front. Never join with your child against your mate. This can create in your child and in yourself emotional conflict.. It can also create feelings of guilt and insecurity.

  6. Do not hand your child everything his little heart desires. Permit him to know the thrill of earning, and the joy of achieving.

  7. Do not set yourself up as the epitome of perfection. This a difficult role to play 24 hours a day. You will find it easier to communicate with your child if you let him know that Mom and Dad can err too.

  8. Don't make threats in anger, or impossible promises when you are in a generous mood. Threaten, or promise only that which you can live up to. To a child a parent’s word means everything. The child who lost faith in his parentshas difficulty believing in anything.

  9. Do not smother your child with superficial manifestations of “love“. The healthiest love expresses itself day-in, day-out training which breeds self-confidence and independence.

  10. Teach your child there is dignity in hard work, whether it is performed with calloused hands that shovel coal or skilled fingers that manipulate surgical instruments. Let them know a useful life is a blessed one, and a life of ease and pleasure seeking is empty.

  11. Do not try to protect your child against every small blow of disappointment. Adversity strengthens character, and makes us compassionate. Trouble is the great equaliser.

  12. Teach your child to love God, and to love his fellow humans. Don’t send your child to a place of worship. Take your child there. Children learn from example. Telling him something is not teaching him. If you give your child a deep and abiding faith in God, it can be the strength and light when all else fails.

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