David had the perfect family, a beautiful wife he adored who was pregnant with their second child, and a wonderful son who he often played football with.
However neither he nor his family were aware of the dark clouds of tragedy that were soon to shatter their lives, leaving them helpless, and in total confusion.

David was summoned from work to be told Rachael was seriously ill, she was rushed to the hospital suffering from serious headaches.
At the hospital she was assessed, and diagnosed to have suffered a ruptured artery...aneurysm.

Overcome with grief, David wept bitterly. He refused to accept his wife's medical prognosis. Holding her hands he prayed for her recovery. He begged her not to die, reminding her of his love for her.

David was caught between the rock and hard place, when he had to make one of the most difficult decisions of his life.

This is a story of love and tragedy, a cruel twist of fate.

The Pain Of Letting Go